11.19.22 BSAR River Survey

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Summary: For the past several years BSAR has been scheduling our first aerial freeze up survey of the Kuskokwim River on No­vember 18th. Flying the same day each year allows us to look back at previous years for comparison. In 2021, with a record cold November there were well established snow machine trails to nearby villages and even a limited amount of truck traffic on the River by this date. For November 18, 2022 conditions are very different. The lack of cold weather and early snowfall has slowed the freeze up process on the Kuskokwim River and it’s tributaries. THERE IS CURRENTLY TOO MUCH OPEN WATER ON THE KUSKOKWIM RIVER FOR SAFE TRAVEL
NO MAIN RIVER TRAVEL RECOMMENDED AT THIS TIME Due to the large number of open holes this report will only cover the ones in the immediate Bethel area. There are plenty! Some traditional areas of concern have actually frozen up better than previous years., but many other sections of the River have frozen up worse. We have pictures of the entire river from Kasigluk to Napaimute. Please let us know if there are specific areas you would like see.


11.18.22 BSAR River Survey