From KYUK- BSAR Traveler Advisory

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Travelers navigated hazardous overflow in Bethel on February 17, 2015. Photo by Geraldine Brink / KYUK.

Bethel Search and Rescue is urging extra caution for travelers on the river due to deep overflow. The head of Bethel Search and Rescue, Mike Riley says there are multiple feet of overflow in many spots. Going upriver, Riley says Church slough is deep.

“It is very deep water and I would not recommend traveling that way at all. If you’re going to travel up rivers, stay on the main river please. Otherwise, from Bethel to Napakiak, there is a lot of overflow, and Napaskiak is reporting a lot of water on the entrance over there also,” said Riley.

Travelers navigated deep overflow in Bethel on February 17, 2015. Photo by Geraldine Brink / KYUK.<br>

Search and rescue is recommending travelers stay off the river at night. All of the normal entrances to the river at Bethel have very deep overflow. People have instead accessed it from inside of the boat harbor. Riley says south winds from the warm weather system have pushed water up the river.“The ice has dropped down, it makes it even deeper, you have to look at the ice itself,” said Riley.

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