March 25 River Report – Bethel to Tuluksak

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River Report Bethel to Tuluksak

Bethel Search and Rescue completed a river survey from Bethel to Tuluksak on March 25, 2015. The following observations were made:

Access getting on to the river has been by the Lomack building next to the seawall. Always be careful of the overflow water, there have been several instances where people have thought they could make it but the water was too deep.  Please use caution when driving thru water!!

Bethel to Straight Slough:
There are a lot of pot holes to show up causing big sized holes on or by the truck trail.

Straight Slough to Kwethluk:
River trail is good. Church Slough trail is full of overflow and travel is not advised.

Kwethluk to Akiak :
The trail on the Kuskoquak is still good. There is standing water and some pot holes. The upper end of Kuskoquak to the bend below Akiak is the worst section for shell ice.  Travelers to Akiak should use caution as the bend below Akiak has a lot of blown sand on the ice that is causing a lot of pot holes and many of them are getting big . Reports are that travelers are driving through the water that is reported to be about 30 to 36 inches deep- Please be careful.
With the warm weather we being having and the sand that is being blown it is causing the river ice to have many pot holes– use caution when traveling at night.

Akiak to  Tuluksak:
There is standing water on top of the ice and cooler temperatures during the night is causing shell ice to form. Travelers in this section of the river are advised to use caution when driving.

BSAR members measured the ice in front of Bethel on the channel on Sunday, March 22, at 38 inches.

Travelers always have a travel plan and travel with caution.

Any questions on travel please call 545-4357 anytime.

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