Success on Day 42 – Kuskokwak Search

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Bethel Search and Rescue with assistance from Tom Crossmon is pleased to announce the recovery of a person believed to be George Evan today at about 2:55 p.m. Evan was found about 46 feet underwater on the riverbed and under the ice about a quarter mile on the Kuskokwak Slough below where Demantle was located. Evan was located by utilizing a VideoRay Pro 4 Remote Operated Vehicle or ROV owned and operated by Crossmon of Duluth, Minnesota who had graciously volunteered his time and efforts for this recovery.



For more information about Crossmon and his ROV, click on link below.

The ROV with sonar and video camera capabilities located Evan yesterday evening but was unable to attach itself to Evan so he can be brought to the surface. Since we all were working in the darkness and the ROV battling trees, stumps, willows and other debris underneath, the decision was made to wait until the next day.


The search and recovery effort had continued by BSAR, Akiachak, Tuluksak, Atmautluak and Kwethluk SAR groups since day one with many volunteers making new trenches, holes and pulling many thousands of pounds of ice out everyday. Many hours volunteered by members who asked for time off from jobs, others who spent time away from families, a fierce determination to bring loved ones home. We are also encouraged by the elders who have come to provide guidance every day.

We will continue search and recovery efforts for Sally Stone tomorrow with assistance from Crossmon who is expected to leave Bethel Saturday morning. We are also extremely grateful for donations from Bentleys Bed and Breakfast, Old Mission House and the U.S Fish and Wildlife service who provided lodging for Crossmon while he is staying in Bethel.


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