Finally! A little playtime!!

After thousands of miles of cross country flying, it was time to take the machines out for a spin in the wilderness. Sean is pretty familiar with all of the places around Anchorage, so he suggested a trip up near Knik Glacier. It was a little windy and a bit bumpy at times, but the end result was a really beautiful spot for Sean and his copilot, Otter, a 2 year old chocolate lab, to get some playtime after so many weeks apart. He was headed to the Slope to work his 2 on and I was headed to Bethel, so a little flight before reality set in was a great time for both of us, and of course Otter box!!

Alaska– Can’t beat it!

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One Response to Finally! A little playtime!!

  1. Mike Savage says:

    Really great pics and story, John. Makes my guts churn a bit knowing you’re having all the fun and I’m stuck in Wisconsin. But, very happy for you and happy to be included in the adventure, albeit vicariously. Thanks again for taking the time to do this and take photos and share.